I used to wonder why anyone would print from a professional lab for a higher cost when a person could go to the local drugstore and print photos for 25 cents apiece.  You may be thinking the same thing too..."why when I am getting the photos on a disc would I pay a little extra for something that should be the same?".

I wondered this until I started using a professional lab and the quality is hands-down far superior.  After photographing a holiday photo session with a local family, I went down to the closest large chain store and had some test prints done. Wow, was I shocked to see how different the colors were and how much difference in tone and coloration the photo was from my own monitor.  Painful.  I then ordered the same photo from a professional lab associated with my photoviewing site and the results were astonishing. The professional lab produced accurate & rich colors, correct levels of brightness and contrast, greater sharpness, and overall better appearance.

As tempting as it is to print photos while shopping at a local chain store, you have also put alot of investment into your photo session--choosing outfits, styling your hair, and buying frames for your photos. While you are investing in your session, I have invested in purchasing color calibration software, calibrating my monitor for brightness and color weekly, downloading the printing profiles from the lab to soft proof the images, as well as having a customer service oriented relationship with a state-of-the-art facility.  This means if the photos are incorrect coming from the lab, they are corrected!

Check out my Pinterest Page (click "P" icon at bottom left of the website) to see a comparison between local printing and professional printing.  

I have chosen a lab that is rated one of the best in the market and can offer this access to you on my photo viewing site, for seamless ordering.  And if there is ever a problem with your prints, I am here for you, as well as the backing of a quality company.