Terms of Use
  • I, Michelle Strahan, retain the copyright of all images taken at a session, and with purchase of the session, the rights to reprint the photos and display on the web for personal use are granted in writing to you by the me after your session.


  • Post process editing is provided for any purchased session and by definition may include color correction, artistic enhancements, monotone color (black & white) enhancements, and retouching (ie. skin blemishes).  Fine detail retouching outside of the routine is available for an additional cost.  Please check with me regarding your situation.


  • Many photos are taken during your session, and my role as your photographer is to narrow down the images that best represent you and your family.  Part of a custom session includes rapid, real time lighting adjustments and changes in composition test shots that a chain store session does not need to manage, or account for. Many shutter clicks are made to create repetitious images to protect against missing a great photo that has an eye blink.  Your images start by being captured in RAW color format, which then gets converted to a TIFF file for reviewing and editing. The image then gets saved as a JPEG file to be presented to you. You can be assured that it is both of our goals to make sure you have the best photos from the session.


  • I use and recommend a professional lab for the highest quality in printing and replication of what I see on my computer screen.  The access to this lab, which is not available to the general public, is available to you on your image gallery. Although each session choice offers a download of the very best photos from your shoot, my purpose of the download is so that you can store the photos on your system and you will have them for the future if needed. Due to the nature of the inconsistent quality of consumer labs for printing, I cannot attest to or represent the quality of the images printed from the download outside of the recommended lab and ordering system, although I grant you the right to do so.  


  • Prices are subject to change at anytime, with the exception of a written quote within 3 months of your session