My style for newborns and kids is elegant, simple, soft, and hopefully dreamy (literally and figuratively!).  I keep props simple as to showcase your child. Outdoors I am always looking for pretty light and usually photograph before sunset, hoping to show your family at their best.  I like to get the "holiday card photo" though also like to show your family loving on each other too.  What makes me different is that I care---really care about creating images for you.  My friends call me "obsessed", but I'm sure only in the best way! 

Personally, I love family, friends, and people in general. There is nothing in the world more meaningful as participating in the lives of others in a positive way. Originally trained in Interpersonal Communications and Counseling, people have always been my business, inside and outside of work. My father's love of photography coupled with the birth of my children sparked me to want to learn the formal art of image creation. I have been photographing people for years, informally and formally, and never have found a happier heart. People fascinate me, emotions interest me, and putting that together in a captured moment--in a photograph--is now my life's work. Thank you for including me in yours!

A few more fun details.......

I have been married to the man I met in college at Ohio University for a very, very long time (not saying how long!).  We braved the long & hard road to creating a family, though were lucky enough to eventually have a girl and a boy, who we cherish beyond what's normal! I loooooove da' babies! My Mama used to say I'd have many more kids if only they could stay newborns.  I have three pets, and one is my "appendage" named Ruby, a 4 pound maltipoo (maltese-poodle).  I am a photography nerd and love the technicals.  Have trained with one of the best in the country in newborn photography and continue to take classes specifically in newborn work (posing, lighting, safety).  Could talk psychology all day! Love chocolate, cobb salads, coffee chats, and going for walks with the dogs.  Lover of life in general and so grateful to be able to do this work photographing people!